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Burgundian Handgunners Unit Join War of the Roses Project

Chris Palmer      This past week I completed a 10 man unit of Burgundian Handgunners for my growing War of the Roses Project.  These are plastic multi-part figures that I assembled and painted from the Perry “Mercenaries, European Infantry 1450-1500” boxed set.

      I am going to be running a 6 player game using the Feudal Patrol rules at Cold Wars in Lancaster PA this March; so I am frantically trying to get all he figures I need assembled and painted. 

      I’m a fan of multipart plastics for the amount of variety and conversion one can accomplish with the many pieces, though I have to say it is rather time consuming to have to build each figure you need. 
     I am currently working on a unit of French Pikemen from the same boxed set to also join the ranks of my armies.  I hope to have them done later this week.

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Phone Home and Eat Cats


I recently posted to TMP that I was looking for a figure of Alf, from the 80’s televisions how.  Someone sent me to this page.  I found Alf, Were-Alf, and Dracula-Alf.  They painted up quickly, and I wanted to share.

While at the site, I also noticed that he is making an E.T. figure.  I got two and painted one with his finger and heart light glowing and one without.

Painting these figures inspired me to re-watch E.T. this weekend with my daughter.  It has been so long since we watched it, that she didn’t remember much.

Look for these to show up in a game in time for Historicon 2019.

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