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Science Fiction Transports from Things From the Basement


Two science fiction transports from Things From the Basement

These are two more items I purchased in the dealer hall at Historicon last weekend.  These are MDF vehicles.  They assembled very easily.  I have spray primed them with Army Painter Angel Green.  When the weather is good, I’ll break out the air brush and give them a nice camouflage pattern.

Pig Iron troops in front of the open-topped transport

Some Pig Iron troops in front of the armored transport

from Buck’s Blog http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=8051
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Some Stuff I Got at Historicon


Rust scatter terrain from Impudent Mortal.

The other side of the Rust scatter terrain from Impudent Mortal.

In the Historicon dealer hall, there was a vendor called Impudent Mortal.  I have purchased things from them before.  The Rust line included MDF buildings and terrain pieces that come with photo textured, self adhesive covers.  I picked up this set of terrain pieces from them and assembled them yesterday and today.

Some sort of generator thingy from Things from the Basement

Another outfit I like is Things from the Basement.  Their MDF products are very reasonably priced, and they are very creative.  I saw this piece and had to have it.

from Buck’s Blog http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=8046
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