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Dollar Tree Sand Mold Sci-Fi Terrain

Chris Palmer    When scouting the local Dollar Tree this past week, I saw this sand mold of the Sydney Opera House.  It’s part of a collection they have along with other world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

     I thought is looked like it might be useful as some sort of Sci-Fi industrial structure, like a large generator, pumping station, or engine of some sort.   So I glued a couple stick-on gems to it and a simple plastic cap off of something, to give it a little texture.  In retrospect, you could apply even more cool add-ons to it, like access panels or make shift repairs covered in rivets.  The possibilities are endless, but I was in a hurry to get going with the painting, so I kept it kind of simple.

          I thought this piece would be another perfect chance to practice my salt and hairspray chipped paint technique, that I have ever only done once before.  So, I began by spraying it with a flat dark brown camouflage spray paint, and then splotched on some light brown and orange to give a rusty look to some areas.

      I then applied the hairspray, and while still wet, sprinkled kosher salt on it; mainly on the lower areas.  I let it dry for a short time, and then sprayed it with some medium blue satin-finish spray paint I happened to have.   I let the spray paint dry the minimum manufacturer recommended time, and then ran the piece under some warm water, and with a soft toothbrush gently brushed at the areas of salt.   I then let the piece throughly dry, and after that I painted the very bottom base layer with some medium gray paint to make it look a little like a concrete slab.

      When that was dry, I applied an allover wash of Citadel “Nuln Oil” wash using a wet brush.  Then, when the wash was dry, I gave the piece a light blue dry brushing .  Lastly, I applied some decals, and then applied a little paint to make the decals look aged and chipped up.  I let it sit over night and the next day my final step was to spray it with some Testor’s Dullcote.

Shown with Reaper 28mm figures for scale.

    I’m really pleased with how this project turned out.  And considering it was only a dollar, I think it’s pretty great!

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Bones 3 Kickstarter Shipment Arrives!

Chris Palmer

   Yesterday, my Bones 3 Kickstarter box arrived on my doorstep!  I snapped some photos as I opened it and sorted through it, so I could share with a you all a look at what I got.

The box…10 pounds of plastic goodness waits inside!

The first whiff of fresh Bonesium.   Ryan C did a great job packing: none of the lots were missing (though my core set was missing one sprue of Goblins).

Everything all laid out.  Top row: Core Set box, Stoneskull Expansion box, Goremaw. Second row: Clear weapons sprues add-on, Bones 3 release schedule, How To Paint Bones pamphlet etc.,  Bases, and the Titans of the Tide add-on set. Third Row: Froghemoth add-on, 2 packs of the Undying Lords add-on set, Dagon Statue add-on, and an extra add-on set of the Lizardmen.

Froghemoth.  I was a little disappointed in this, as I was expecting it be a little more frog-like to use as a big baddie along side my Eureka Frog Warriors.  It, in fact, bears very little resemblance to a frog in any way.  I think I should have looked at the original art a little closer I guess.

Goremaw  The shear size of this is amazing, and I am really looking forward to painting it up.   I had purchased this with an eye towards the Frostgrave Worm Hunt scenario, only to have that opportunity for use pass me by by almost a year. 

Dagon Statue. I purchased this to use in my undersea games, or even in Frostgrave; but now am thinking it will be great for Ghost Archipelago. 

Titans of the Tide.  Here again, I purchased this for the Shipwreck Revenant to use with my harbor setting for Frostgrave, but I think both will be great for Ghost Archipelago.

Clear Weapons.  Had to get some of these just to play with.  I’m seeing some cool magic weapon uses…

Invisible Heroes.  Don’t know what I’ll do with these, but they sure are cool! 

The orignal core Core Set

The entire Stoneskull Expansion

    So for starter selections for the painting queue, I pulled the Thugs from the Stoneskull set because I know they will find immediate use in my Frostgrave warbands, and I may practice swapping some of the Core Set weapon sets on them; and I picked the Plant Monsters from Stoneskull as well, just for fun, as something easy and colorful to kick things off with. 🙂

     If there’s anything particular any of you would like to see a close up of, let me know, and I will see about adding a photo of it here in the next couple days.

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