Labor Day Labors


A squad of "Space Roomans"

A squad of “Space Roomans”

See Ma’k Morin’s blog post about Roomans here.

Yesterday I painted 13 that Ma’k converted to “space Roomans” by combining parts of a Ral Partha Rooman with the body of a Reaper science fiction figure.  I think the conversion was quite effective.

One fire team of "Space Roomans"

One fire team of “Space Roomans”

I cut some of the arms and re-glued them to give a little more variety to the posing.  It was a primitive conversion job, but from wargaming distance, they look okay.

The other fire team of "Space Roomans"

The other fire team of “Space Roomans”

Beware space farers when you hear the fear-inspiring battle cry of the Romman marines:  ”Roop! Roop! Adoop!”

The back of the squad leader

The back of the squad leader

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3 thoughts on “Labor Day Labors

  1. Really thrilled to see how these came out and how you individualized the troop – or are yours a mob or a court? In any case, well done Buck – ROOP ROOP ADOOP!

  2. bucksurdu says:

    I think that Roomans are organized in Roman terms: cohorts, maniples, centuries, etc. So a squad of space Roomans would be called a century (for tradition’s sake), a platoon would be called a maniple, and a company would be a cohort. Yes, I understand the maniples and cohorts may not have existed at the same time, but these are Roomans. They do what they want.

  3. […] massive project here.  Getting around to painting these took a bit longer, and even my good friend Buck Surdu painted some that I gave him much quicker than I […]

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