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Technology Test (and an old Garrison Figure)

Rob Dean

I have been experiencing technological difficulties in updating this blog lately.  I will leave this up if it works, but, basically, I’m tring links to photobucket to allow me to email an update with more than one picture.

The Reaper Forums, as I mentioned in the last post, sponsored a Memorial Day binge painting event.  Some of the other participants were also painting some vintage figures, so when I cleared my desk of what I had done, I finished scaling off the old paint on a couple of Garrison Sword and Sorcery figures, plus a Minifigs ME elf archer.

 photo a0490576-06c9-4c41-9861-0b9c3e449c30_zps0adjpf6x.jpg

I didn’t check the Lost Minis Wiki for the identity of this fellow until after he received the blue and white paint job, so he’s probably not really going to be used as a “Follower of Set” when he goes on the table.

(So, that didn’t work, but I did manage to edit the links in…)

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Leighlyndana, Illusionist Apprentice (Highland Heroine): Bones II Figure Conversion

Chris Palmer

  A couple weeks ago, I constructed a new Illusionist Apprentice for my Frostgrave warband, by converting the Bones II Highlander Heroine figure.   I finally got around to painting it this week.  Being an Illusionist, I wanted to try for a very bright and colorful outfit.

     I began by painting the face and hands with Crafter’s Acrylic “Flesh”.  I then painted the shirt with Crafter’s Acrylic “Tropical Blue”, and the pants with Crafter’s Acrylic “Wild Green”.

    Next, I painted her cape and loin cloth with Americana “Forest Green”, and her boots/leggings with Americana “Terra Cotta”.  I then painted her fur collar and her sporran with Americana “Dove Grey, and her buckler and the small disc at her shoulder with with Accent "Golden Harvest”.

     I then worked on the tartan pattern on her cape and loin cloth.  I first painted a crosshatch pattern with Americana “True Blue”, and then added a finer pattern with Crafter’s Acrylic “Daffodil Yellow”.  Next, I painted her hair with Apple Barrel “Burnt Sienna”.  Then I worked on her staff; painting the shaft with Americana “Bittersweet Chocolate”, and the head with the “Golden Harvest” I used earlier. I also painted the small section of dagger scabbard behind her buckler with Nicole’s “Brown”.

           I then painted all the wrappings on the staff with Crafter’s Acrylic “Holiday Green”, and the orb in the head of the staff with Crafter’s Acrylic “Cool Blue”.  Next, I painted all the bead strings hanging from the staff with assorted colors I grabbed randomly from my paint rack.  Then, after everything had a while to dry, I applied a wash with GW “Agrax Earthshade” wash using a wet brush to her head and boots.  I then applied a wash with GW “Badab Black” wash using a wet brush to the rest of her body, cape, and staff.

      When the wash was dry, I worked on highlighting her hair and painting her eyebrows.  First, I used Crafter’s Acrylic"Orange Spice", and then did lighter highlights with Accent “Golden Oxide”.  I then painted her eyes, and lips, then highlighted her face and hands with the base “Flesh”.

     Next, I highlighted her top with the base “Tropical Blue”, then added a little of the “Cool Blue”, and did lighter highlights.  I moved next to her pants and highlighted them with the base “Wild Green”. I then highlighted her boots/leggings with the base “Terra Cotta”, followed with Ceramcoat “Raw Sienna”.   I did highlights on her fur collar and sporran next with plain White.  I decided I wanted to try some brighter highlights in her hair, and added these with Apple Barrel “Lemon Chiffon”.
   Then I moved to the staff, highlighting the shaft with Crafter’s Acrylic “Cinnamon Brown”.  I highlighted all the wraps with a mix of the base “Holiday Green”, and Nicole’s “Neon Green”.  I highlighted the beads with the base colors I had used on them.  I then painted the orb with Folk Art Pear “Aqua Moire”.  I added a little white to the “Aqua Moire”, and did some highlights on the orb.
    Next, I worked on the metals, painting the head of the staff, the buckler and other discs on her outfit, and the clasp in her hair with “Ceramcoat "Bronze”.  I then did highlights on these areas with Ceramcoat “14K Gold”.
    Lastly, I painted her base White.
    When everything had overnight to dry, I gave the figure a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish” early the next morning.  Midday, I flocked the white areas with Woodland Scenics “Snow” flock and the next morning I sprayed the figure with Testor’s Dullcote.

   I really like how she turned out.  I think she looks exactly like I had wanted her too: a wizard who isn’t afraid to use either end of her staff when danger gets up close and personal.
   And here Leighlyndana is with my Illusionist Kodak. For a brief story of their first meeting, see A New Apprentice.

       I’m really looking forward to their first outing into Frostgrave in a couple weeks.  In the meantime, old Kodak has a lot to teach his new student…

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Frostgrave Campaign Between-Game Update: A New Apprentice is Hired

Chris Palmer     For those who regularly read my blog, you will know that recently in game 4 of our Frostgrave Campaign, my Apprentice Cherowyn was hit by a Bone Dart, and left for dead in the Frozen City.
    I recently converted a figure to serve as the new apprentice, and painted it up this week.

    Since the last outing into Frostgrave, Kodak had been searching for a replacement Apprentice.  Despite a number of tedious interviews with candidates who proved to not satisfy the old Elven wizard’s requirements; as luck would have it, Kodak found his new student by chance.
     On a routine trip to the nearest small town for supplies, Kodak stopped for a few moments to watch a young street wizard perform some tricks for a few passersby who had stopped to watch her perform.  There was something about the statuesque young woman with the flaming red hair and strange highland garb that caused the Illusionist to stand and watch a little longer than perhaps he would normally.  Despite her size, Kodak took note of her fair skin, long delicate fingers, and the hint of a pointed ear beneath her hair; “half-elf”, he surmised to himself.  "That must be a story to hear", he though with a bemused smile.

    The crowd “Ooow’ed”, and “Aaahhh’ed”, as the highland half-elf made some living-flame dance in the air forming first a dragon, then  a mighty knight on his charger.  "She’s got a bit of talent", Kodak thought to himself. Then, just as he was turning to go, he caught sight of a pair of shadowy figures lurking in the crowd behind the woman.  He stood a moment more to watch, as he saw one of the roguish pair eye the small brass dish that the performer had placed on the street for the spectators to toss coins in to.  She must have been really entertaining to this crowd, as he noticed a few Silvers in amongst the Copper.
   Just then the thieves made their move, and as one pushed the magic-user from behind, throwing her off her balance, the other dashed forward and grabbed the brass dish; and with one swift movement stuffed it and its contents into an old stained sack.  Both then took off in opposite directions.  The first, who had pushed the girl down, didn’t get far, as the half-elf quickly rolled and popped back to her  feet with the agility of a cat.  With a mighty thrust she hurled her magic staff at the back of the thief’s head, where it made contact with a resounding thunk. The poor fellow went sprawling in the street.

    Meanwhile, the other thief had the misfortune to run right in the direction that Kodak was standing.   In a wink the old Illusionist disappeared and stuck out his now-invisible leg into the path of the racing criminal.  In a second he made contact with the wizard’s foot and went airborne in a spectacular spiral, tumbling into the side of a rain bucket and getting soaked.
     Kodak, visible again, walked up and grabbed the sack of coins from where it had landed.  He turned and walked back towards the red-headed girl. She had the other thief in an iron grip and was marching him towards the approaching guard captain; who was just coming up to see what all the ruckus had been.  Once free of her captive she turned, as Kodak caught up with her.
     "Here, I think this is yours", he said as he held out the sack.
    “Thank you” she said guardedly. “I was worried that one had got away.”
    “ No, luckily I was standing right there where he ran.” he said tilting his head back towards his shoulder in the direction of the soaking wet thief who was being rounded up by the town guard.   He added, “I’m Kodak the Illusionist, by the way”,  and he extended his hand.
    She took it hesitantly, and said, “I’m Leighlyndana”
    Kodak said, “I was impressed with your show… and with how you handled your staff back there.” He eyed the girl with an appraising look.“  If it’s not too forward, would you be interested in discussing a matter of business with me.  I have need for someone with talents like yours.”

    Leighlyndana stared at the old Elf wizard for a moment.  She was not use to a kindly tone from an older member of the magical community.  She had had some bad experiences with elder Elf wizards in her past, so she was almost ready to walk away. But there was something about the old Illusionist that seemed warm-hearted and trusting, so she nodded. Kodak pointed to a nearby pub, and the two headed there, Kodak leading the way, as the crowd on the street slowly dispersed and returned to their normal lives.

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