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Games I’ve Played Lately

Don Hogge
Over the past month I’ve had the opportunity to play several games.  Here’s a couple pictures highlighting the action:

Here’s a game from a recent HAWKs club night hosted by Chris:  10mm Lizards, Dwarves, and Elves fight for control of an island.

Bear Yourselves Valiantly:  LSNC Ancients & Fantasy

 And down at the local game store (Critical Hit Games), I played in a six player game of Kings of War to commemorate the release of the KoW Second Edition rulebook.  We played the entire game in less than 2 ½ hours.

Kings of War 2d Edition

 Another day at the local game store – Muskets and Tomahawks.  This was a four play game with 200 points each.  The British forces completely routed the Canadian (me) and French forces.  Two new players were trying the rules for the first time.

Canadian Militia preparing to drive off the British Indian allies.

British Rangers fire from the woods

 And one more HAWKs game night……This time it was 10mm chariot racing hosted by Buck.  We ran two laps around a figure 8 track.  It was mostly a close run race with only one player wrecking his chariot (unusual for a group of HAWKs players).

10 mm Chariots heading into the first turn

The second lap the pack had closed up a bit

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Little Groups of Paratroops – A Battleground WWII Scenario

Don Hogge
“March to the sound of the guns and kill anyone who is not dressed like you…"  On D-Day, small groups of scattered paratroopers merged into larger groups. One such group from the 101st Airborne Division found itself near a causeway exit from Utah Beach.  The beach exits were primary objectives and had to be taken and held until the beach landing forces could link up.

Looking from the far side of the village toward the beach

Another view of the village

View from the south side of the village

The Germans had flooded some areas in an attempt to hinder an Allied invasion.  They had a bunker with an anti-tank gun positioned to cover the beach exit.

Looking from the beach towards the causeway exit at the village; protected by a pillbox

The German defenders started in the village and had to send out two patrols on preset routes (until contact was made).

A different view from the beach side

The four groups of paratroopers were scattered around the table after randomly determining their starting points.

The German defenders paid a heavy price to keep one group Airborne troops out of the village

Another little group of Airborne troops approaches through the woods

The paratroopers moved building to building to clear a route to the bunker blocking the beach exit.

"Knock, Knock”

By game’s end, they had cleared most of the village and had effectively neutralized the bunker.  The Germans only controlled two buildings and had a bunker full of wounded and broken men.

An Airborne trooper throws a grenade into the bunker

In the end, the Airborne had captured a majority of the village and the pillbox had been neutralized.  A minor victory to the Americans.

(Note:  I forgot this entry was in my draft folder – oops)

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Ellen Stone, Cowgirl: Figure 168 of 265

Chris Palmer

     This week I completed the Ellen Stone, Cowgirl figure as I begin working on the Chronoscope set.  This figure is notorious for it’s missing nose (another Bones I casting error), and I know some folks have painted the figure like an alien for space-cowboy settings because of its almost snake-like facial appearance.  I, however, wanted to see if with generous shadow and highlight, could get her looking more normal in her face, and so decided to paint her like a normal woman.
    As I studied how I wanted to paint her, the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything under her shirt was obviously apparent.  I thought about painting the shirt white, and as I thought this it occurred to me that it might be neat opportunity to try and attempt a level of translucency to the shirt, as might occur with a thin white cotton shirt.
       I prepped the figure in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish- soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying.   I then glued the figure to a 1" black-primed fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and glued the washer to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s White Glue.

      I began by painting her hands, face, and entire torso with Americana “Shading Flesh”. I then painted her shirt with Americana “Dove Grey”.  When this was dry, I went back and gave the shirt a wash with some of the “Shading Flesh” heavily thinned with water.  This caused it to flow into the creases that would be laying closer to her skin.  I then mixed a little of the “Dove Grey” and “Shading Flesh” together and painted the shirt where it lay directly on her breasts. I then took some of the “Dove Grey” and retouched up all the raised creases in her shirt, and where the placket ran down each side of the front.

      Next, I painted the pants with Crafters Acrylic “Navy Blue” and then her chaps with Accent “Mustard Seed”.  I then painted her duster with Americana “Khaki Tan”.  I worked on her hair next, painting that Apple Barrel “Burnt Sienna”. Then I did her gun stock and grips with Crafters Edition Spice Brown. Her belt and shoes I painted  Americana “Asphaltum”, and her holsters Crafters Acrylic “Cinnamon Brown”. I painted her neckerchief with Folk Art “Deep Tomato Red”

    When all the paint had time to dry, I gave the figure a wash with Winsor Newton “Peat Brown” ink using a wet brush, being very careful to not let any get on the white shirt.

     When the ink wash was dry, I began on the highlights.  I did the eyes first, then I worked on the face, hands and chest, using the base “Shading Flesh” first, and then Crafters Acrylic “Flesh” second to do lighter highlights.  I added a little White to do the very tip of the nose and the chest.  I then did the lips by mixing some of the “Shading Flesh” with the “Deep Tomato Red”. I mixed in a little white to do the lip highlights. I added eyebrows with the “Burnt Sienna”.   Next, I worked on the hair, drybrushing it first with the base “Burnt Sienna”, and then with Americana “Georgia Clay”, then painting on finer highlights with Americana “Burnt Orange”.
   I moved to the shirt next, painting on highlights with “White”.  I then highlighted the chaps with Ceramcoat “Raw Sienna”, and the duster with Crafters Edition “Taupe”. I highlighted the shoes and belt with the “Cinnamon Brown”, the holsters with the “Spice Brown”, and the gun stock and grips with Americana “Sable Brown”. I highlighted the neckerchief with the base “Deep Tomato Red”.
    Next, I did the metals; painting the guns’ metal parts  with Accent “Princely Pewter”. I then painted the belt buckles with Ceramcoat “Metallic Pewter”, and then used this color to add highlights to the guns’ metal parts.  I wrapped up by painting the white base with Ceramcoat “Walnut”.
     After the figure had the afternoon to dry, I gave it a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish” in the evening.  The next morning I flocked the base, using both a sand mixture and regular green flock; and later that afternoon I sprayed the figure with Testor’s Dullcote. 
     I’m happy with how she came out; particularly the face, which I think is one of my best to date.   Despite it’s casting flaws I’m very pleased with this figure.

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Dollar Tree Tombstone Corner Scenery (Finally!) Painted

Chris Palmer     Figuring it was about that time that stores start putting out their Halloween merchandise, I thought it was about time I finished panting the Tombstone Corner scenery pieces I bought at the local Dollar Tree store around this time last year.  You can see my original post on the subject here.

   I had painted the gargoyles last year, but I still had the bigger pieces to complete.  They had been languishing on  my workbench for a year now with nothing but a flat black primer coat applied.
So, this past week, I finished them up, and here are the results.  While not the greatest pieces of scenery, considering their $1 price tag, I think they’ll do quite nicely to fill out a table. 
 Shown with a 28mm Reaper Bones figure.

I’m hoping they produce more pieces for this line this year. But, so far I have not seen any in my local stores.

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