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HAWKs Hold “Armies For Kids: BARRAGE Edition” Painting Bee

Chris Palmer   This past Saturday members of the HAWKs got together to paint over 400 20mm plastic WWII German soldiers for an “Armies For Kids” giveaway game they will be running at their upcoming one-day miniatures gaming con, BARRAGE .

      Six lucky kids who take part in the game at BARRAGE will walk away with both an Allied and a German army, complete with tanks, infantry and machine guns.

    The HAWKs had already painted the Allied troops at an earlier painting day.
    This project was made possible by Ed Mohrmann who donated a large box of 20mm WWII figures, and John Acar who donated four  20mm tank models.  A couple of the HAWKs also chipped in items from their own collections to fill out the units.

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Hero With 2 Weapons: Figure 167 of 265

Chris Palmer

    This week I painted this fellow with 2 weapons from the Heroes set.   I could not find him listed on the Reaper online store anywhere, so I could not find out his name.  If any of you can locate him on their website and provide me with a name and stock number I’d appreciate it. Did he never make it into their catalog?  He’s only shown as concept art in the Kickstarter page, so I don’t think he came from an existing mini.  Anyway, this fellow marks the end of the Heroes set, so it joins the list of completed sets over on the right.
    I wasn’t particularly inspired by this figure, so thought I would use him to experiment doing a figure in colored armor, and another one all in just one color scheme (The other all-one-color-scheme figure I did was the Dwarf Wizard, who I did all in grays).
     I prepped the figure in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish- soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying.   I then glued the figure to a 1.25" black-primed fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and glued the washer to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s White Glue.

  I began by painting all the areas where he wears armor with Black.   Then, when the Black was dry, I drybrushed his armor with Folk Art “Metallic Blue Sapphire”. I then went over it a little lighter with Folk Art “Aqua Moire” Pearl acrylic (which kind of has a pearlescent sheen that looks somewhat like a metallic acrylic).

     Next, I painted his boots, belt, pouches, and gauntlets Black. I painted his hood and the tiny areas of leg that show with Crafters Acrylic “Navy Blue”. His kilt? skirt? pleated lower body garment? I painted Crafters Acrylic “Tropical Blue”.

    His scabbards I painted Americana “Wedgewood Blue”, and his face I painted Crafters Acrylic “Flesh”.  I then gave his pleated lower body garment a wash with Iron Wind Metals “Dark Blue” ink using a wet brush.  When this was dry, I painted his blades with Ceramcoat “Metallic Pewter”, and the hilts, belt buckle, and scabbard fittings with Ceramcoat “Bronze”.

       Next, I gave his face a wash with some Winsor-Newton “Peat Brown” Ink using a wet brush.  I then worked on highlighting the pleated garment with first the base “Tropical Blue”, and then the lighter Americana “Salem Blue”.   I then drybrushed the parts I had painted Black, as well as the “Navy Blue” hood, with Apple Barrel “Apple Scotch Blue” to highlight them.  I mixed a little of the “Salem Blue” into the “Wedgewood Blue” to do highlights to the scabbards.   I decided I wanted to add a little extra something to the boots, so I went back and painted the medallion on the front with the “Bronze”.
      By then the wash on the face was dry, so I did highlights on the face with the base “Flesh”, then added a little white and did a finer highlight on the nose. I did highlights on the blades with Folk Art “Silver Sterling”, and highlights on the parts I had painted “Bronze with Cermcoat "14K Gold”.  I finished up by adding detailed highlights to the armor with the “Aqua Moire” pearl acrylic.   Lastly, I painted the white base with Ceramcoat “Walnut”.
       After the figure had the overnight to dry, I gave it a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish” the next morning.  That afternoon I flocked the base, and the next morning I sprayed the figure with Testor’s Dullcote.

     I’m actually rather pleased with how this figure turned out.  I think the all-blue look, and the blue armor, came out looking pretty nifty.

Figure 167 of 265: Complete

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